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Planning Commission Approves Point Ruston Master Plan

Ruston’s planning commission voted unanimously tonight to approve the Point Ruston Master Plan with the changes outlined in the staff report at their last meeting and the additional conditions they set at tonight’s meeting. The plan now goes to the council for approval.

The meeting tonight started on time with commissioners Dick Peterson still on vacation and Bryan Ficiala expected at any time. Commission members had reviewed the public comment letters and Ms. Judd had 6 items she wanted added as conditions to the plan:

•    1) Require that the promenade be fully constructed in 3 years. It was pointed out that it will be constructed from the Tacoma end to the proposed hotel. Tying the requirement to occupancy of the hotel would be better than a specific time. The planner suggested wording along this line that was approved.

•    2) Public parking spaces be required for future users of the promenade. There was discussion about the public parking that is already required along Ruston Way and in the parking garage on Yacht Club road that is intended for this use (all requirements in the FEIS already). It was agreed that signage be required that clarified the public parking.

•    3) Ensure that public streets be consistent with the FEIS which exceed typical City of Tacoma standards. Since everything in the FEIS is required already, this language was viewed as redundant.

•    4) Judd wanted the language from Metro Parks comment letter included as a condition of the Master Plan that “recognizes the important function that Yacht Club road makes to public access…” There was discussion about how relevant this was, but it was agreed to add that full sentence from Parks letter.

•    5) and 6) both required that Point Ruston provide Ruston’s mayor with all EPA reports and air/soil monitoring data. It was agreed this information was not appropriate for a development plan, but that the town clerk would notify the public about EPA’s web site that should have all this information updated in the next few weeks.

Commissioner Anderson noted that different documents list different numbers for the grade increase (2% to 2.75%). A 2% increase is the minimum needed for proper drainage. Older plans listed a range, but now that things are more defined, 2.75% is the final grade increase from the shoreline to the hillside. The old Gallagher Way concrete pavement at the entrance to the tunnel (on the Ruston side) is about where that final grade will be, with a 2.75 slope gradually out to the water from there.

Moser wanted to confirm that all buildings on the Ruston side would be lower than the lowest part of the top of the OCF (a 90 foot elevation from sea level). That requirement is already in the plan, but it was decided to add specific wording. Moser also wanted to confirm that irrigation would be provided for new trees and landscaping. The planner proposed language that was approved.

Moser then moved for adoption of the findings and conditions of the staff report and approval of the Point Ruston Master Plan subject to the conditions discussed in the planning commission deliberations (or something like that). Mr. Ranes seconded it. There was no discussion on the motion, which passed 4-0. The planner will put together a final report that will be reviewed Chairman Moser, signed and forwarded to the council.

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