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Tacoma Parks District Mulls Moniker for New Waterfront Park

As we work diligently to complete another public waterfront amenity,
currently dubbed Peninsula Park, the Tacoma Parks District considers
naming the park in commemoration of the Tacoma born author of Dune,
Frank Herbert.

The conversation began on January 16, 2013 and has since crescendoed
to percolation among regional media. The
topic of conversation is replacing the temporary name of Tacoma’s newest
waterfront park, currently known as Peninsula Park, with a moniker commemorating the famed
author of Dune, Frank Herbert. Metro Parks Commissioner Erik Hanberg,
the conversation initiator, masterfully penned an article on
in which he asked his fellow Tacomans to consider paying homage to Mr.
Herbert and his passion for Tacoma.

As daily work continues to complete this public waterfront amenity, the design of which is featured at the head of this blog post, we are thrilled to see and read the contributions that the Tacoma community is making to the conversation. What we assume is largely attributable to Frank Herbert’s fame, the story has spread to our neighboring northwest states and as far as Columbus, Indiana via the Associated Press.

Here are links to an expanded Tacoma News Tribune story and the AP article that covered the debate:

We will continue to post photos as the new park comes to fruition, right here on the Point Ruston Blog.

New Waterfront Park | Point Ruston


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