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Underwater Music Festival

The Underwater Music Festival is one of the largest free music events in the Pacific Northwest and the only official music festival that takes place on the water.  That’s right, the band will be playing while afloat on a barge, so get your boat in the water to come join the fun.  Sponsored by the Seattle Boat Show and Point Ruston, donations will be accepted but no cover charge is required.  Donations will be gifted to the Melodic Caring Project, a nonprofit that streams live music and concerts to hospitalized kids and teens.

The event was first started by a group of college students who organized it as a barbeque beach party.  Soon after, the idea was proposed to move the festivities on to the water rather than just near it.  In 2011, Sean Hensley of Tacoma’s Setlist Music Solutions, offered to help with coordinating such a big endeavor and he has since become the chief organizer for the event.  In just few short years, the event is already becoming a community tradition and we all look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

This year, Point Ruston will be hosting the third annual Underwater concert on Saturday, August 10th from 12-6 pm.  The five bands scheduled to play will perform on a barge parked at Point Ruston’s Ferry mooring.  For those without a boat, land access is as simple as walking down the new Waterwalk. Food trucks and bleachers will also be on land for the non-boating public to enjoy the show.  Make sure you come out and join in this unique waterfront experience!

Learn more about the event on the Underwater Music Festival Web site.

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