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How the Puget Sound Dream Sweepstakes Works

Grand Prize:

Your choice of one year of free rent in Point Ruston’s
waterfront Copperline Apartments, or $10,000 in cash.  The grand prize
is not solely awarded based upon how many points you have, so as long as
you are one of the top 100 point earners, you will have a chance to
win!  At the winner’s event, five keys will be distributed at random,
one of which will unlock the condo.  The five lucky contestants will be
able to try their key and whoever’s key opens the door will win the
grand prize!

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Third Place:

The third place prizes are awarded to the twelve highest
point earners.  Each winner will receive a single ticket for Argosy
Cruises’ South Sound Christmas Cruise.  While it’s no waterfront
apartment, it would be hard to complain about any free ticket,
especially this one.  The cruise is a Christmas themed journey through
Tacoma’s waters on Sunday, December 8.  The cruise will depart from
Tacoma’s Museum of Glass and travel to Gig Harbor along with an
accompaniment of professional Carolers adding to the Christmas cheer.
Free yourself up ahead of time because Argosy Cruises claims that with a
few private vessels joining in the fun, they form the world’s largest
floating Christmas parade!

Winner’s Event:

The top 100 point earners will be invited to
join the Point Ruston team, Evening Magazine, and the other contestants
for a delicious lunch on the Point Ruston Ferry at its mooring on the
eastern end of the Waterwalk.  The Winner’s Event should be less than
two hours total and the keys will be given out at the start so don’t
show up late!  The ferry will stay docked, in case anyone has other
obligations, but it is going to be hard to say no to the meal provided
by Gayle Orth Catering!

If you don’t anticipate winning one of
the top three prizes, don’t skip out just yet!  Aside from a free lunch
and beverages, all top 100 point earners will receive a free week-long
gym membership at NW Fitness 247.  The top 50 point earners will also
receive a free gift card to Forza Coffee and the top 25 point earners
will receive a free movie pass to Century Theatres, which is scheduled
to open a new location at Point Ruston next year.  With all this free
stuff, how could you rationalize not letting yourself dream just a

Puget Sound Dream

Sweepstakes Sponsors:

Kenmore Air
Air offers the Pacific Northwest with a reasonably priced way to travel
around our backyard.  Kenmore is a family run business and has always
been dedicated to excellence in all areas of service.  Not only will
Kenmore get you to your destination, they will get you there in style.
Climb aboard one of their seaplanes to reach your destination or for a
fun site seeing tour just like the one you can win in the Puget Sound
Dream Sweepstakes.  Visit them online to book a flight at

Gayle Orth Catering
Orth Catering specializes in high end social and corporate catering.
Gayle and her team of chefs and servers have years of combined
experience and have catered to clients such as Starbucks, Key Bank, the
University of Washington and many more.  With a track record of
uncompromised quality we are expecting some delicious eats when Gayle
and her team join us on the ferry this September!  Look them up at

If you haven’t already heard, the Puget Sound Dream Sweepstakes is currently underway.  The Sweepstakes consists of a series of fun tasks that challenge your knowledge of the Tacoma waterfront and surrounding areas.  The top 100 contestants will be invited to an exclusive lunch aboard the Point Ruston ferry on September 16 where prizes will be awarded to the top point earners.Why would Point Ruston set up such a contest?  The reason is simple; we love the Tacoma waterfront! The views are breathtaking, the activities are endless, and the location is unbeatable.  We wanted to create a Sweepstakes that shares the Tacoma waterfront with millions of people! Our love for the Tacoma waterfront is also why the prizes all celebrate the waterfront as well. Here’s a list of what you can win:

Second Place:

The Grand Prize is what most folks will strive for, but if you prefer a guarantee over playing the odds, then take comfort knowing that this prize is earned by racking up as many points as you can.  Kenmore Air is offering a scenic Tacoma Waterfront Tour for the top six point earners aboard one of their seaplanes.  The winners will be broken into two groups of three and each winner will be allowed to invite one guest to fly alongside them on this once in a lifetime opportunity!  If you are among the top 10 point earners and you’re lucky enough to win the Grand Prize, then you don’t have to choose one or the other, you’ll receive both!

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Prize Rundown

•    Grand Prize – One winner randomly selected from the top 100
•    Top 6 point earners receive two tickets on a Tacoma waterfront tour on a Kenmore Air Seaplane
•    Top 12 point earners receive a ticket to the Argosy Cruises Christmas Cruise
•    Top 25 point earners receive a free movie pass to Century Theatres
•    Top 50 point earners receive a $5 gift card to Forza Coffee Company
•    Top 100 point earners receive a free week membership to NW Fitness 247
•    Top 100 point earners receive a free lunch provided by Gayle Orth Catering

You can enter the Sweepstakes online at

Argosy Cruises

Cruises has nine boats in its unique fleet with the ability to
accommodate anything from a 600 person corporate all day event to a few
hour cruise for a couple of two.  As much a part of Seattle as the space
needle itself, Argosy has built up a reputation for being able to meet
nearly any need with comfort and class. Argosy Cruises offers only a few
departures from Tacoma every year and this year’s Christmas Cruise is
sure to be a blast! Check them out online at

NW Fitness 247
Fitness 247 is a fitness and physical therapy center that will be
opening in the Copperline Apartment Building.  There will be access to
facilities 24 hours a day including:
•    Cardio w/TV
•    Ellipticals
•    Treadmills
•    Upright bikes
•    Recumbent bikes
•    AMT’s
•    Free weights
•    Selectorized circuit training
•    Move Strong functional fitness center
•    Personal training
•    24 hour access to aerobics…2 studios
Sign up at

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