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Underwater Refreshments

The long anticipated Underwater Music Festival is quickly
closing in on us.  Held at the eastern
tip of Point Ruston’s Waterwalk, the stage will be a floating barge moored at
the Point Ruston ferry dock.  If you have
a boat then make sure to get out on the water and enjoy the performance.  If you don’t plan on spending the day on the
water, there’s still plenty of fun to be had along the Waterwalk.

The mobile vendors from, JayDogs, Ice Cream Social, and Papa
John’s will be offering food for event goers.
We were lucky enough to track down the supervisors of each booth for a few
quick interviews.


Founded in 2012, owner Jay Gallinatti saw an opportunity and
took it!  JayDogs provides Tacoma’s
residents with freshly made hot dogs and gourmet buns.  Where can you find Jay and his JayDogs?  Just look for the line of people!  JayDogs is not a brick and mortar store but a
moving hot dog stand.  If you want a
JayDog after the music festival, check out their Web site to
find the stand.  This of course spurs the
question: What is a JayDog exactly? 

JayDogs are started with a beef frank or a spicy link on a
warm buttered bun smothered in cream cheese and peanut butter.  Next Jay slides in a crispy slice of bacon
and then the dog is yours to top with mustards, relish, onions, sour kraut,
pickles, peppers and finally Jay’s homemade spicy mayo.  All of the condiments and toppings are optional
of course because every dog is cooked to order.

A word from Jay: “I’ve been pleased with how much all of my
customers have been enjoying the hot dogs and I’m happy to be filling a niche
and giving Tacoma a food option that was absent.”

Ice Cream Social

After careers in food service and retail, Layla Issac decided
it was time to take things into her own hands and Ice Cream Social was
born!  Founded in 2012, Ice Cream Social
is Tacoma’s only homemade artesian ice cream retailer, made the old fashioned
way with fresh natural ingredients.  Like
JayDogs, Ice Cream Social has no storefront but is a mobile vendor.  They also frequent Tacoma’s farmer’s markets
and their location at any given time can be found on their facebook page
or at

At the festival, there will be a few of everyone’s favorite
flavors, as well as a few of Social’s unique specialties.  One of the best selling flavors is Salted
Caramel but Layla’s personal favorite is Valhalla Coffee.  These classic flavors with Layla’s slight
twists and distinctive recipes are what make Ice Cream Social really stand
out.  One bite and you’ll be hooked!

A word from Layla:  “We
will have a unique mix of flavors that will cater to everyone’s taste at the
festival and I hope everyone has a good time in the sun!”

Papa John’s

We all know Papa John’s pizza, but what you may not know is
that they’re now mobile!  Joining us for
the Underwater Music Festivital is Kaylin from the 6th Ave Papa
John’s.  They’ll be open for lunch, so
look for the tent when you’re down on the waterfront and pick up your slice of
cheese or pepperoni.  The pizzas are
going to be cooked fresh all day at the storefront location on 6th
and then the driving team will be delivering goodness directly to the booth so
each slice will be hot and ready when you want it.  Along with the pies a selection of Pepsi
drinks will be available to complete your meal and make it great!

The festival is going to be lots of fun and admission is
free so remember not to pack a lunch and spend your extra change on some tasty

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