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NW Fitness 247 Now Open

Point Ruston is excited to announce the opening of NW Fitness 247!

We had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Snell, Co-Owner of NW Fitness 247 and Founder of NW Sports Physical Therapy, about this brand new fitness center.

Point Ruston: What is the fundamental concept behind NW Fitness 247?

Bruce Snell: NW Fitness 247 is a fusion of our extensive history in physical therapy with a focus on wellness that trained fitness professionals and a top-notch fitness culture produce. After 20+ years of providing physical therapy services to a wide variety of individuals, we sought to create a fitness center into which our physical therapy patients could transition and join other wellness-focused members on a path to a healthy lifestyle. There are lots of gyms and alternative programs available to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle, but, anomalies aside, most of these organizations are not run by people who have extensive experience and education in kinesiology. Physical therapists and trained fitness professionals should be the ones responsible for the selection of exercise equipment and the operation of fitness centers with the goal of providing members an opportunity for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Providing an opportunity for these two types of fitness professionals to feed off each other under one roof will allow for a unique, health-focused experience for all members.

PR: Other than the fusion of certified Physical Therapists and fitness professionals, what sets NW Fitness 247 apart from other mainstream fitness centers?

Bruce: All of the equipment that will be available in NW Fitness 247 is brand new and state of the art. For the sake of this interview, let’s break the equipment available to members into three categories: traditional machines, functional training equipment, and Fitness On Demand.

The more traditional exercise equipment like elliptical machines, treadmills, and recumbent bikes all have a cutting edge touch screen console that provides members access to the internet, television, and can even connect directly to their mobile device to sync with their existing fitness tracking applications.

The functional training equipment will include an 8-person structure that allows members to take their fitness to the next level through a combination of innovative and traditional techniques employing monkey bars, medicine balls, and resistance training, to name a few.

Finally, Fitness On Demand offers members 24 hour access to participate in classes and other aerobic activities at their convenience. With just a touch of a button, members can choose from hundreds of fun and exciting exercise videos including kickboxing, dance, cycling, yoga, and more. NW Fitness 247 will have two activity rooms available to members to use whenever they would like.

PR: Why did you choose Point Ruston as the location for this unique fitness center?

Bruce: There are several reasons, but the main reason is location, location, location. Point Ruston’s location next to Pt. Defiance Park is an untapped market for a physical therapy and fitness center. Not to mention, we are excited to be getting in at the ground level on a community that will have an exciting future as the vision of Point Ruston comes to fruition.

PR: Do you have any final thoughts for our readers?

Bruce: We feel the combination of a convenient location, cutting-edge equipment, and a fundamental focus on living a healthy lifestyle will make your experience at NW Fitness 247 unlike the experiences you may have had at other fitness centers. Another aspect that sets us apart from big name fitness centers is we will not be striving to generate a base of members so large that it disrupts your ambition for health. We strive for a membership base that fosters a healthy lifestyle, including you ability to walk into our gym and not wait in line for your favorite machine.

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