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Copperline Crane Moved

Yesterday marked the culmination of a big step for construction at Point Ruston. We have officially moved the crane responsible for building the 173 home Copperline Apartment building and the west half of the Copperline Condominium building.

Granted we only moved the crane approximately 200 feet, but the move signifies a transition from the structural construction of the Copperline Condominiums west building to the structural construction of the east building.

You may be asking yourself, how does one move a crane? The answer is…very carefully!


Day 1: Breaking It Down

The crane started on the SE corner of the Copperline Condominium west building, as seen in this picture from October, 2013:

copperline condo crane move 1


We folded it up like so:

copperline condo crane move 2


Removed the counter weights one by one:

copperline condo crane move 3


Loaded it onto a dolly of sorts, which is then moved by a semi-truck:

copperline condo crane move 4


After the crane was secure on the trailer, the team moved it into place at the new location.

copperline condo crane move 5


Day 1 was brought to a close with a trip up in the man lift to shoot a panoramic shot of the Waterfront.

copperline condo crane move 6


Day 2: Back into Action

After the team secured the crane’s downriggers and removed the rear dolly, the first step to putting it back up was completed with ease:

copperline condo crane move 7


At this point, the clouds started clearing in what looked like a big wave and, just like that, we had a stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest day!

copperline condo crane move 8


The team then started adding the counterweights back on to the crane one by one. Here is a photo of the crane in its new location relative to the Copperline Condominium west building with the team in the background adding the counterweights:

copperline condo crane move 9


Here is another photo of the construction team adding the counterweights back onto the crane. The foot and hand holes in the weights and the way the construction team worked their way up reminds us of a modern day springboard cut from the logging days of yesteryear.

copperline condo crane move 10


With the counterweights secured, the team used a remote control device to slowly raise the crane’s tower one step at a time.

copperline condo crane move 11


Day two was wrapped up with the crane’s arm being locked into position and the team moving the arm into place and ready to start the structural work on the Copperline Condominium east building.

copperline condo crane move 12


We are excited to make the transition to the second building and moving the crane was one of the first steps toward welcoming another group of homeowners to their new waterfront homes!

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