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Seattle Seahawks – Fun Facts

Go Hawks!

In week 8 of this season, every team who played Seahawks had lost the week after by 10 or more points. Just goes to show how rough the Hawks are on other teams! (ref:



Seattle played its first playoff game in 1983 against the Broncos and they won 31-7. Let’s hope the Hawks will get that type of score again in Super Bowl XLVIII. (ref:

Are you curious how the Seahawks got their name? In 1975, 151 fans named the Seahawks. There were 20,365 entries with more than 1700 different names to include: Aardvarks, Frogs, Vampires, and Salty Dogs. I don’t know if I could chant “Seattle Salty Dogs” at every game, but it sure does sound like a tasty stadium snack.



Why are the fans at CenturyLink Field so loud? The stadium was built with hard building materials and has a parabola shaped shell-like cover over 70% of the field which reflects the sound back down. It is also the smallest stadium footprint, but the seating is stacked so the fans are closer to the field. See a more detailed explanation here: No wonder the 12th Man holds the Guinness World Record and caused several seismic events!



Richard Sherman graduated 2nd in his High School class with a 4.2 GPA and with a 3.9GPA from Stanford University. Before all the fanfare of his game-winning tip, Richard Sherman was well known around his team for his work in the community and for his literary skills. See his introductory article for MMQB here: (ref:

And now for a completely useless fact: the Seahawks are the only team in the NFL with the same first three letters in their city and team name. (ref:

The Titans, Falcons, Cardinals, Bengals, Panthers, Vikings, Bills, Eagles, Chargers, and our beloved Seattle Seahawks have appeared in the Super Bowl, but have never won. At least one name will be scratched off that list this year! (ref:

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys


When the Hawks win this year, Pete Caroll will join a short list (only 2 others to be exact) of head coaches to win both NCAA Championship and Super Bowls. (ref:

Although 12th Man is now synonymous with the Seattle Seahawks, the term is trademarked by Texas A&M. The agreement started in 2006 and was renewed for 5 years in 2011. Let’s hope they can work out something so the 12th Man doesn’t disappear from our history. I mean, we retired a jersey and everything!  (ref:

On that note, another little fun fact: The Seattle Seahawks have only retired 2 jerseys: #12 for the 12th Man and #80 Steve Largent (ref:

Many people have noted that Quarterback Russell Wilson’s height is among the few under 5’11, but what you don’t know is he has the fourth-largest hands of amongst quarterbacks in the league measuring at 10 ¼ inches. So, we will forgive the height deficit as long as he can hold onto the ball as he’s making his signature jump-throw to connect with Doug Baldwin, Marshawn Lynch, Jermaine Kearse, Golden Tate, Zach Miller, Percy Harvin, and the like.  (ref:



Going into the 2013 season Breno Giacomini was known more for his penalties than his playing, ranking among the NFL’s most penalized players. But, he’s turned that around this season getting only 8 penalties to date. Bravo Giacomini, bravo. (ref:

What is ‘Beast Mode’ and how did it come to be? Marshawn Lynch had an impressive High School and college career, but his time in the professional league was less than impressive. It wasn’t until October 5th, 2010 when the Bills traded Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks did we see Lynch shine. In his first year with the Seahawks he gathered 6 touchdowns and 573 yards in 12 games, but he also helped the Hawks win against the Saints in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs with his 67-yard touchdown, one of history’s most famous plays, resulting in a ‘Beast Quake’ – seismic activity caused by the fans’ cheers (see more about the stadium above). See the video here:  I don’t know about you, but I can watch that play over and over. (ref:



And what’s up with Lynch and his Skittles? We’ve heard that his mom gave him Skittles after a touchdown and now the fans don skittles on the field in recognition of Lynch’s good plays, but does he really like Skittles that much? Apparently so! In a recent interview he explained that Skittles help settle his stomach. So, I don’t think we’ll see an end to this Skittles fad. In fact, the team trainers keep some “power pellets” (as his mom Delisa calls them) on hand in case he needs them. (ref:

It’s really easy to get caught up in the drama when a football player gets caught doing something illegal, however, we almost never recognize players for the good that they do. I mentioned earlier that Richard Sherman does work in the community and everyone knows Russell Wilson for the charities he participates in, but this ‘Legion of Boom’ strong safety, Kam Chancellor shows that family comes first. He didn’t forget where he came from when he bought his mom a car and a house! (ref:

Is Christine Michael a “girl’s” name? Yes, apparently so. His mom wanted her first child to be a girl, so she had his name picked out from day one. When she found out he was a boy, she still named him Christine (pronounced Chris- tin) after Johnny Cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue.” However, that hasn’t stopped him on the field and when asked about his gendered name, he says he’s learned to wear it proudly. (ref:

Last, but not least, let’s talk about that amazing Duracell commercial featuring Seahawks’ fullback, Derrick Coleman (seen here: A great rebuttal to the Beats by Dre commercial, which depicted Seahawks fans as rowdy and rude, this commercial, was inspired by a little girl’s letter to Coleman noting that he is her inspiration. Coleman is the first deaf offensive player in the NFL, but he has also made himself known for his on-field achievements. (ref:



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