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DIY Valentine Gifts for Her

Instagram Wall Art

We take the photos and cherish them when they’re posted, but when do we get the chance to look at them again? Why not print some out and cherish them day in and day out.




Cigar Box Scrapbook

Along the lines of “old school” photo gifts, this idea will make your gal remember why you are perfect for each other. Take some little keepsakes, photos, and things that will make her smile and put them into this box.




Geode Ring

Is your gal into jewelry? Why not create something that will really stand out? Her friends will always ask where she got it from and you will get the satisfaction of knowing she’ll think of you every time.




Rope Vase

This simple present is elegant and easy to make. Surprise her by sprucing up your living room or bedroom with vases she loves. You can also dye the rope to match any theme.




Wine Rack

Who doesn’t love a good wine rack? Make your and your lady’s space stand out with this one-of-a-kind gift.




Photo Collage Heart Wall Art

OK, last photo-themed present; it was too cute not to share! This photo collage will showcase fun memories, while staying true to the fashion of the room.




Confetti Tumbler

This is so easy to make and she will be so impressed with your creative painting skills she might ask you for decorating tips.




Personalized Cell Phone Case

While it may not be the most romantic idea on the list, every time your love looks at it, she will think of you! Make it extra special by printing a personal message or inside joke between the two of you. Super easy to make and something that will last a lifetime (well the lifetime of the phone, that is).



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String Art

Although this is a heart and your lady friend may not be into that, you can do virtually any design as long as you have the creative mind.





Rainbow Butterfly Baby Footprint

Something for your special beloved family to cherish forever and so easy to make. Just make sure you wipe the baby’s foot off before mommy comes home so you can keep it a surprise until you’re ready for the reveal.




Homemade Body Spray

Who knew you could make homemade body spray so easily? This is a perfect gift for her…and you. Choose her favorite scents and make her think of you every time she wears it.




Valentines’ Cheesecakes

For you chefs and bakers out there, this Valentine-specific recipe will leave the recipient impressed. With its vibrant colors, customizable messages, and scrumptious taste, this gift is sure to win her heart.




Valentine Picnic Kit

We would swap the hostess cupcakes for some delicious cheeses, but you get the idea. Bring whatever your lady is into and enjoy a day outside.




Homemade Bath Salts

Everyone enjoys a nice warm bath at the end of the day. Who knew making customized fragrances was this easy! She will be impressed with your bath time know-how.




Personalized Garden Stepping Stones

Now don’t go breaking her family heirloom china, but if there is a particular pattern that you know stands out to her, why not make it part of her garden experience? Easy and fun to make, this present will be a hit.




Football Drink Markers

Let’s be real – you love that your lady loves football. Why not make her some cute accessories to go along with her next football party.




52 Cards to Say “I Love You”

Well now, isn’t this cute! And a great way to remind yourself why you love your mate.

diy valentine gifts for her



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