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DIY Valentine Gifts for Him

Chocolate Box Tuxedo

Guys like chocolate too. If he sees that you went to the effort to dress it up in this fancy box, he may even share!





“Would you be my companion?” Need we say more?




“Open When” Letters

These are just great. They can be uplifting, sentimental, or just plain funny. Either way, he will know your message came from your heart when you give him his “open when” letters.





Sports Gift Basket

Whether he’s a Mariners fan or a Sounders fan now is the time to get him some tickets! Throw in some swag and he’ll be ready to be decked out when he’s at the game.




Mustache Mug

He still gets a “mustache” and you don’t have to feel his scruff when he kisses you in the morning. Also, this mug is just hilarious. His buddies at work will be envious of his stylish coffee accessory.




Laptop Sleeve

There are lots of electronic related gifts out there from a DIY charging station to a tablet holder made with a cutting board. I thought this particular gift has an element of flare while being very useful. You can make it simple as seen on the top or more complex as seen on the bottom. Either way, he will love it!




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All Natural Shaving Kit

With all of the chemicals found in a lot of products now-a-days you can make his shave cream and aftershave with all-natural products for his safety and your special touch.




Car Detailing Kit

Now this is more of a summertime gift, but nothing winds a man down more than detailing his car. When it’s all done he can sit and admire his handywork and he’ll have you to thank for his handy dandy all-in-one kit..




Man’s Survival Kit

This kit is easy to put together for your rugged man. He can use it when he’s out in the woods with his buddies. Not only will you keep him prepared, but he will think of you when using it.

DIY Gifts for Valentines Day


Bottle Cap Poker Table

If you’re ready for this epic undertaking, a bottle cap poker table is every man’s dream. This may be a hard project to keep secret, so this might be something you and your man work on together.




Love Coupons

What says “I love you” more than little treats he can redeem throughout the year? Be creative: 30 minute back massage, you’ll do his laundry for a week, free car wash, and maybe some intimate coupons slipped in here and there. No matter what you put on there he will love it!




Beanie Beard

This is a fairly new trend, but perfect for those cold days out. Take a walk at the Tacoma Waterfront and your man’s face will stay warm. The baby in the beard is unrelated, but who doesn’t want to see a baby with a beard?


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Brake Disc Clock

Well, let’s hope he has this part just lying around, but if not you can go to a local shop or junk yard to pick it up. If you let him display it in the main home he will appreciate it as well.




Video Game Gift Basket

Whether he’s a PlayStation, Xbox, or computer gamer, he will love this little basket. Include his favorite snacks and a new game coming out or perhaps a year subscription to an online game community.




Outdoor Shower

This is also an epic undertaking, but oh so cool! So, if you’re crafty and have the space to do it, both of you will love it. Just make sure your fence is tall enough so the neighbors don’t get a visual surprise.




Breakfast in Bed

Yum! Make it fun and maybe not filled with the healthy food you usually make him eat. This will be great for the both of you and a nice change of pace.




52 Reasons Why You Love Him

You might recognize this from our other post about gifts for her, but we thought this was good enough to include in both. Everyone likes to hear why they’re loved and this is an easy-to-make gift that will be cherished.




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