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Copperline Construction Update April

The Point Ruston Construction Team is working harder than ever as they are near the final stages of exterior work on Copperline Condominiums. Check out the photos below for our April Copperline construction update and a look at the East Tower exterior as the team works diligently on the siding and windows. Only a handful of condominium homes remain in Point Ruston’s first signature residence. To learn more about owning a Copperline Condominium, click the link below!

available copperline condominiums

Copperline Condominium East Tower From the Waterwalk

copperline construction update 12

Only 200′ From the Commencement Bay Waterfront!

copperline construction update 15

Three Lifts In Action Delivering Windows and Workers

PR construction update 18

The Rock Work on the Garden Level is Nearly Complete

PR construction update 22

Copperline East Balconies are Nearly Ready for Inhabitants

PR construction update 25

Imagine Stepping Outside Onto This Balcony With An Unobstructed Water View

copperline construction update 26

Look at the Size of those Windows!

copperline construction update 29

The Team Prepares the Penthouse for It’s Window Package

copperline construction update 32

Imagine the Warmth and Natural Light These Massive Windows Will Provide!

construction update 34

Copperline East Stands Proud

construction update 37

We are excited to see a photo from this same location next month!

copperline construction update 43

Copperline Condominiums Offers True Waterfront Living

copperline construction update 50

available copperline condominiums

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