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May Copperline Condo Construction Update

We’ve added dates next to each of the picture headings so you can see the incredible progress of our May Copperline condo construction update! The Point Ruston Construction Team is making so much progress on a daily basis that we here in the marketing department are having a hard time keeping our photos as current as possible. 
Only a handful of condominium homes remain in Point Ruston’s first signature residence. To learn more about owning a Copperline Condominium, click the link below!
Or, if you’re interested in scheduling an exclusive hard hat tour of the East Tower, call Margo Hass Klein at (253) 279-9949.

available copperline condominiums

Copperline Condominium East Tower From the Waterwalk – 5/13

051314 2b construction 2

Rock, check. Siding, check, Windows, check – 5/13

051314 2b construction 3

The Copperline West Tower is Now on to the Second Floor! – 5/13

051314 2b construction 4

Installing Windows on the West side of the East Tower – 5/13

051314 2b construction 6

Copperline Condominium Community Room Well Underway – 5/13

051314 2b construction 7

West Tower Second Level with Commencement Bay in the Background – 5/13

051314 2b construction 9

The Road Between Copperline Apartments and Condos is Now Paved – 5/13

051314 2b construction 10

Delivering a Sheetrock Kit as the Team Begins the Second Floor Railings – 5/15

051314 2b construction 4

East Tower from the Waterwalk – 5/15

051314 2b construction 9

Delivering Sheetrock Kit to Fourth Level and Installing Windows – 5/15

051314 2b construction 10

Close Up of Railing Installation, Sheetrock Delivery, and Window Install – 5/15

051314 2b construction 14

View of the Two Buildings from the Kayak Launch on the Waterwalk – 5/15

051314 2b construction 11

Imagine Walking Out of Your Front Door and Enjoying the Waterfront! – 5/15

051314 2b construction 12

Putting the Finishing Touches on the 18′ Penthouse Windows – 5/15

051314 2b construction 16 1

18′ Penthouse Windows with a Fresh Coat of Paint on the Siding – 5/21

051314 2b construction 1 1

Imagine the Natural Light from Those Huge 18′ Windows! – 5/21

051314 2b construction 4 1

Painting Crews are Making Great Progress on the East Tower – 5/21

051314 2b construction 7 1

available copperline condominiums

If you would like to check out our monthly Copperline condo construction update, please see our other blog posts.

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