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5 Reasons Tacoma is One of the Best Places to Retire

5 Reasons Tacoma is One of the Best Places to Retire When it comes to choosing where to live in one’s retirement years, retirees are increasingly opting to relocate to cities and towns that:

  1. offer affordable residential opportunities that fit a variety of retirement budgets;
  2. have a central area for cultural activities;
  3. are designed for  walkability;
  4. offer abundant history, arts and entertainment; and,
  5.  provide convenient access to fantastic outdoor recreation.

For the reasons above, along with a many others, active retirees living in the U.S. Pacific Northwest are increasingly choosing the City of Tacoma as a retirement destination. Tacoma has seen a 4% growth spurt since 2010. Its population has increased to over 200,000, according to numbers from the US Census.

The following are our top 5 reasons why Tacoma is one of the best places to retire!

Why Tacoma? – Location and Activities

Tacoma’s location — about 25 minutes South of Sea-Tac International Airport — allows for easy visits from family and friends. This is also very convenient for grandparents who will want to maintain family connections. In addition to its ideal location, there are ample activities for retirees to enjoy.

From community concerts to active waterfront walks, the City of Destiny has many activities to see and do for those who retire in Tacoma. The popular Walk Tacoma Waterfront Walk was held in May, and other similar events occur throughout the summer. These walks are wonderful for retirees and others to get to know the community, new people, and new experiences. With more people using the public amenities along the waterfront, Tacoma’s presence as a retirement destination continues to grow.

The mile-long Waterwalk at Point Ruston is a popular public amenity. This waterfront trail system provides beautiful views of Commencement Bay and Mount Rainier on the horizon. There are restaurants up and down the Ruston Way waterfront, with more dining destinations coming this fall around the Grand Plaza at Point Ruston.

Why Tacoma? – Temperate Climate

Another reason to retire in Tacoma is to enjoy comfortable year-round average temperatures. Low temperatures in winter rarely get below the freezing mark, and you won’t see hot, humid and sticky temperatures in the summer either. If you like breezy, spring-like temperatures throughout the year, then Tacoma’s the place for you.

Why Tacoma? – History and Museums

Tacoma’s historical importance is another reason retirees choose to move here. Visitors and residents can learn about Tacoma’s illustrious past through its well-known museums, including the Washington State History Museum, the Museum of Glass, the Tacoma Art Museum or the Tacoma Children’s Museum for younger visitors.

Why Tacoma? – Walkable Community

Many U.S. towns and smaller cities are re-imagining their downtown city centers to discourage car traffic and bring in more walk-friendly area for residents and visitors. Having a walkable downtown core enables public happiness to flourish. Furthermore, living in a walkable community allows retirees to live with most everything they need nearby. By encouraging walking – and other exercise – retirees maintain their health and energy.

Why Tacoma? – Shop & Eat Local

Retirement in Tacoma also means residents will spend money in local shops and restaurants. More stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other eating establishments are opening their doors to serve the growing population. Several new restaurants plan to open later this year, including seafood restaurant Wild Fin American Grill on the Grand Plaza at Point Ruston. Choosing to spend money locally often brings a sense of pride and civic satisfaction.

The natural beauty of the South Puget Sound and the warmer summer temperatures make Tacoma an ideal place for active retirees. With a growing population base, more residential and commercial development, and a mix of great culture, friendly residents, and a thriving economy, Tacoma is becoming a highly popular retirement destination in the Pacific Northwest.

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