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Weekly Prize Winner #4 – WildFin American Grill

We are officially at the end of Week 4 in the Apartment for the Year Sweepstakes and that means it is time to announce the winner of the Week 4 Prize, A $200 Gift Card to WildFin!

If you haven’t done it already, enter the Apartment for a Year Sweepstakes NOW!

Here is more detail about the Week 4 Prize:

Weekly Prize #4 – $200 Gift Card to WildFin

Generously provided by WildFin, the Weekly Prize #4 winner will enjoy $200 worth of fresh and delicious food and drinks from WildFin American Grill. Coming soon to the Century building at Point Ruston, WildFin American Grill is your neighborhood restaurant, casual, affordable with menu selections featuring the finest the region has to offer, from Northwest meats, fresh fish, seafood, and produce.

Learn more about WildFin


Weekly Winner #4

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for…the winner of the Week #4 Prize is…Andrew F!

Thank you to everyone for participating in the fourth week of the Apartment for a Year Sweepstakes! Don’t forget to check back every Monday morning for the next 3 weeks to earn more entries toward the Grand Prize and to qualify for the Weekly Prizes, for which winners will be announced every Friday afternoon!

30 Responses to “Weekly Prize Winner #4 – WildFin American Grill”

  1. Caroline Cantrell says:


  2. Michael H says:


  3. MARGARITE H says:


  4. Keith Hart says:

    My fingers are crossed .

  5. Keith Hart says:

    Fingers are crossed would love the up-grade.

  6. La'Trevia Davenport says:

    I would love to win don’t eat out much because we can’t afford to my son and granddaughter would love to try something different

  7. Dan E says:

    I am ready to sell my house to live there!

  8. Daniel Yu says:

    It is for real? I had a dream that come true the other day.

  9. Kathy Swaw says:

    I never win anything!! So please pick me! I would love to live here!!!!

  10. jeff r says:

    Pick me!

  11. Jeff Lyon says:

    This place is awesome! I would love a year there!

  12. Madelon says:

    Would love try the food out at wildfin!!

  13. Amy Trahan says:

    A gloriously grand view, a lovely luxurious home, and a positively perfect commute for this girl!!!

  14. Julie McKay says:

    Praying for the opportunity to live in one of these beautiful apartments!

  15. Ruth Chargualaf says:

    Hope to win,,,

  16. Kat Appleby says:

    I would love to live at Point Ruston!

  17. Kay Pedersen says:

    I hope, I hope, I hope!

  18. Kimmy Thompson says:

    Congratulations Andrew…I’ll get it next time..

  19. Joni swillie says:

    The opportunity for an awesome fresh start!! Bout time for Karma to work in my favor!

  20. shelly stewart says:

    I would love to be a winner!!!!

  21. Diane says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  22. Alberto Camacho says:

    It would be a great place to network and do business in a environment with lots of development. Would love to contribute to the communities all the way around there.

  23. AUTUMN ADAMS says:


  24. kathy cornelius says:

    Would love some luxury

  25. Dawn says:

    What a great prize to win!

  26. Julie Collison says:

    Good luck

  27. Terri Treakle says:

    I want to win

  28. Antonio Smith says:


  29. Celeste Trembanis says:

    I really need to win this! What an opportunity to live at the Point Ruston !

  30. Christina Kitchens says:

    Fingers crossed, I win!