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Can I Commute to Seattle from Tacoma?

Can I Commute to Seattle from Tacoma?

If you are building a career in Seattle but want other more affordable options for living, Tacoma just might be the ideal solution for you. The Point Ruston neighborhood offers condominiums as well as apartments in Tacoma, WA for laid-back Puget Sound waterfront living without the high prices and congestion that go along with living in Seattle.

Point Ruston is a resort-inspired waterfront village that has panoramic views of Commencement Bay, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains and other iconic Pacific Northwest attractions. It offers superb dining, recreation, shopping and entertainment all within a short stroll. There are plenty of things to do in Tacoma, and this lovely city offers close proximity to Seattle for both work and additional recreation options.

Tips for Commuting from Tacoma to Seattle

Like any commute, there are traffic and timing considerations for making the best of the drive between Tacoma and Seattle. While there will almost always be traffic congestion during peak drive times, which are generally from 7:00 am to 9:30 am in the morning and from 4:00 to 6:30 in the evening, there are ways to mitigate drive times and stress and make your commute much more manageable.

The Best Routes between Tacoma and Seattle

The main route connecting Seattle and Tacoma is the Interstate 5 highway (I-5), which offers multi-lane travel both north and south between the two cities. On average, it will take about an hour to make the drive in typical traffic conditions between Tacoma and Seattle. During rush hour; however, this can vary depending upon a number of conditions.

For example, Friday traffic can be much more variable, as some people take the day off and others leave work early in the afternoon. It will also depend upon where in Seattle you work; Seattle is a large city and downtown is about fifteen miles from the northern end of the city to the South.

Weather Considerations

Sunny weather days in the Pacific Northwest can cause people to leave work early and impact the traffic flow, causing the evening rush hour to begin and end earlier.

Of course, rainy weather can also have an impact, and the Pacific Northwest gets a lot of relatively light but steady rain in late autumn, winter and spring. Despite the fact that drivers are exposed to a lot of rain throughout the year, it can still have the impact of slowing down commute times even more. Extra time and caution should always be exercised in overcast, rainy and foggy conditions.

Making Your Commute Even More Manageable

There are a number of things drivers can do to mitigate their commute between Seattle and Tacoma and make it even less stressful. Here are five of the top ideas used by drivers to make their commute between Tacoma and Seattle even more enjoyable:

1. Stay Fit and Avoid Traffic Peaks
If you like to work out, consider signing on for a gym membership near your workplace in Seattle and leave early enough to get a workout in – and beat the peak traffic in the a.m. Conversely, you could work out right after work and avoid the evening commute traffic before heading home.

2. Coffee and the Morning News
You might also consider finding a favorite coffee shop in Seattle (the area is famous for knowing a thing or two about coffee) and leaving early so that you can sit for an hour before work to sip your favorite coffee beverage and read the morning news before heading into the office.

3. Audiobooks
For those who are fine with diving during peak times and dealing with whatever the morning commute has to offer, audiobooks can be a great way to pass time on busy roadways. From fictional novels to podcasts to taking a class, audio books offer a wealth of both entertaining and educational options to help commuters to pass the time.

4. Hands-Free Communication
Commuting can also be the ideal time to catch up with friends or business associates – as long as you do it safely. It is imperative to use a hands-free device when using your cell phone while driving (it’s also the law) as well as voice activated dialing (never dial manually while driving.) However, hands-free communication can be the ideal opportunity for passing the time while putting time and energy into key relationships.

5. Leave the Driving to Someone Else
Just because you work in Seattle and live in Tacoma doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself to and from there. There are a number of public options for transportation between the two cities. The Sound Transit bus as well as the Seattle Sounder commuter train offer convenient options for leaving the stress of driving to someone else.

Commuting to and from Seattle from Tacoma is an excellent way to make the most of South Sound living while growing your career in one of our nation’s most dynamic big cities. You can avoid the high cost of living of Seattle by considering condos or apartments near Tacoma WA. There are lots of cool things to do in Tacoma, from dining and shopping to lots of outdoor recreation and indoor entertainment. You’ll also have proximity to Seattle for even more cultural, dining, shopping and recreational options.

The Point Ruston neighborhood is a resort-inspired waterfront community  in Tacoma that offers amazing panoramic views of the South Puget Sound. You’ll be able to see Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains and much more in your Puget Sound waterfront home at Point Ruston.

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