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The Advantages of Owning a Condominium

The Advantages of Owning a Condominium

Located along the Puget Sound shoreline, Tacoma is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most appealing cities. With the many neighborhoods, each with their own style, there is plenty of stuff to do with such a vibrant cultural scene in Tacoma such as outdoor events, concerts, and fine dining.

While single family homes in Tacoma are always an option, competition among buyers is driving prices higher and higher. Alternatively, Point Ruston is a highly-desirable waterfront, resort-inspired village that offers condominium living in a convenient, beautiful location. If you have not given much thought to the benefits of condominiums, consider these five advantages of condo life:

No More Yard Work

If you hate the thought of another summer of dragging out the lawnmower, hedge clippers and rake, a condominium might be the perfect solution. While each condominium building offers slightly different amenities, most of the condo associations have a monthly or yearly fee that contributes to the upkeep.. One of the most significant parts of that upkeep is lawn and common area maintenance. No yard work means that when spring and summer come around, you get to relax and enjoy the great outdoors—instead of spending your time fighting with the lawn equipment.

Condos are Cheaper than a Comparable House

In most cases, you will pay less for a condominium of the same square footage as you would for a single family home. Amy Tierce of Wintrust Mortgage stated that normally you’ll spend less on a condo “especially in higher-cost markets where condos can be the only alternative to high-priced, single-family homes.” This savings may be realized a bit on your bills each month, or allow you to find a slightly bigger or more luxurious home than you would otherwise be able to afford. Finally, there are other ways that downsizing can save you money too—such as on your utility bills and by forcing you to part with unused “junk.”

The Feeling of Community

Condominiums can foster a sense of community that is very warm and inviting. Many condo communities offer classes, programs and events that help you get to know your neighbors. You’ll also have a chance to meet them as you spend time exploring the grounds and enjoying the amenities. Living in a condominium gives you a feeling of belonging that is more difficult to find with other housing arrangements.

Amenities in Tacoma, WA

With all of the stuff to do in Tacoma, do you really need amenities at home? Of course you do! Imagine how nice it would be to live in a community with outdoor spaces, community rooms or even a space to hold barbecues? And what about the little extras built in the condominiums themselves? You’ll often find high-end extras that homes simply don’t come equipped with, or that would cost extra to include.

Living in a Great Location

The best spaces in town are all taken, or are they? While it can be impossible to find a single family home in a convenient location, there are still many condos that have vacancies both in town and near the waterfront and fun activities. Moving into a condo in Tacoma is one of the single best ways to live in the location you want at a price you can afford.

We invite you to check out Point Ruston and see exactly how appealing condo living can be. With views of the Puget Sound and a convenient location with dining, shopping and recreation amenities, come learn why Point Ruston is quickly becoming the most endeared condominium neighborhood in the South Puget Sound. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a tour—we can’t wait to help you feel at home in Tacoma.

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