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Deciding to Relocate? 5 Things to Consider

Deciding to Relocate? 5 Things to Consider

Choosing to relocate can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Despite the importance of this decision, Americans continue to relocate at a significant rate. According to the U.S. Census, approximately 14% of the population moves each year, with about 2.7% moving to a different state. Is relocating right for you? There are some factors you can (and should) consider before making the big move.

1. What will it cost to relocate?

While you will obviously be taking some of your belongings, including priceless items like photo albums and other keepsakes, it might be worth looking into purchasing new furniture once you arrive, instead of going through the hassle and expense of moving it (especially if you are moving across the country). While buying new furniture certainly isn’t the cheapest way to go, it might be less expensive than you think when you factor in all of the expenses associated with moving old furniture. In addition to the cost of renting a moving truck (or hiring movers), you will also need to buy basic necessity items such as light bulbs, paper towels, and moving boxes. There are also moving services, such as PODS and U-Haul that can simplify the cost and challenges associated with moving as well. Consider using a cost calculator to estimate the amount of money you will spend during the move. This can help you plan for budgeting and saving funds before you relocate.

2. What will my employment and/or income be?

If you are retired, then this consideration is simpler than for those who are still working – it is essentially just a calculation of whether your monthly income payments and savings are sufficient for you to live the lifestyle you want. For those who work, however, it can be a little more complicated. If you want to stay with your current employer, you need to find out whether they are willing and able to have you work remotely, or (for those who work for large companies) whether there is a local office from which you can work.

3. Which neighborhoods are best for me?

If you are moving to a new area, it is unlikely that you will have a sense of good or bad neighborhoods right away. Make sure to use whatever resources are available to you to determine which neighborhoods are best.

If you have friends, family, or business associates that are familiar with the area, tap their expertise. If there’s a realtor familiar with the area that you trust, get their take on the situation. You can also utilize data from the U.S. Census to find historical crime rates in an area.

4. How does the cost of living compare to my current location?

One often overlooked consideration is how your cost of living will change when you move to a new location. Depending on where you live now, and the new location, your cost of living could potentially rise (or fall) dramatically. There are a number of resources available to you, such as the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey, which offers robust research tools that can be used to accurately estimate your new cost of living.

5. What resources are in the area that cater to my needs?

Every city and region has its own unique flavor, and it helps to know what activities and other resources are available to you when making your decision to move. For example, if you are considering a move to Tacoma, WA, you’ll want to find out the many different things to do in Tacoma that fit with your lifestyle. For those who want a vibrant nightlife with restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment, there are Tacoma condos in Point Ruston that are located right in the heart of it all.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is important to you, and move to a region and neighborhood that best suits those needs.

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