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How to Maximize Your Retirement Years

Retirees are living more active lives, and that means they are looking for a higher quality of life. This includes living in (or moving to) locations that offer social community, walkable urban environments,  pleasant weather, and more.

Characteristics of Walkable Communities

This requires a practical approach to choosing where to live, along with wanting the very best. Of course, retirees want access to basic services, health care, physical fitness opportunities and nearness to family members, too. It’s all about finding ways to maximize one’s retirement years. Let’s have a look.

Mobility and Driving

Retirees want to remain mobile, but everyday car driving is no longer fun for some. The freedom to travel easily is also important. Recent trends point to retirees seeking walkable communities, to provide the ability to go, see and do, without driving into congested city centers.

Physical Activities

Age 65 is no longer the age when people just sit around. Keeping active and staying fit makes life easier. Walking has proven to be life enhancing for all. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, moderate physical activity reduces blood pressure. It reduces the risks of heart disease and falling and breaking bones, among other things.

Social Interactions

As with almost any other time of life, if you’re a social person as a 20-year-old, you’re a social person all your life. Having friends and others with similar interests around you is beneficial. A place that recognizes that and builds stores as well as relationships invigorates people.

Walkable Communities

Characteristics of a walkable community include smaller streets and buildings, more car-free areas, a mix of locally owned stores and restaurants and a move away from fast food chains toward other small town attributes. Tacoma, Washington has been named one of those cities and celebrates it (PDF).

Financial Circumstances

For many retirees whose savings were impacted by the recent recession, the ability to live their dreams in retirement years has gotten a bit complicated. Because of reduced IRAs and savings accounts, older retirees often have to work longer in jobs to make up some of the lost money.

Tacoma offers much for retirees to feel safe, with amenities and luxury residential communities. There’s also natural scenery, parks, and a walkable waterfront along Ruston Way; a two-mile path along Commencement Bay that’s part of seven miles of walking paths from Point Defiance Park to Downtown Tacoma. There’s room for plenty of exercise, plus panoramic views and opportunities to socialize. Here are two more aspects of retiree life in Tacoma.

  • Group Trips: MetroParks Tacoma offers the FAB – Fifty and Better program with a schedule of day and overnight trips for active men and women. Many of these are focused on physical activity while fitness memberships are also available.
  • Quality Time: Plenty of chances exist for retirees to enjoy quality time with a loved one, extended family and friends on the Tacoma waterfront. In the very near future you’ll be able to live this evening: While at Point Ruston, you’ll see a movie at Century Theatres. Then have a relaxed and delicious meal at neighborhood restaurant, Wildfin American Grill, then walk over to the Two Town Pub & Cafe for a drink.

Good planning gets you through your retirement years, but it also depends on where you settle. The Tacoma waterfront has become a prime destination for retiree living. Enjoy a wide variety of fun activities and spend your time with a community you easily grow to love.

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