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Why Living by the Water Makes Us Happier

Recent studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between water and mental/emotional health. Dr. Connie Hernandez and Dr. Marcel Hernandez from Pacific Naturopathic state that spring and fall’s cool waters soothe the nerves while warm summer waters relax the muscles. Therefore, if you’re looking to live in an environment that is as beneficial to your overall health as it is beautiful, then look no further than Tacoma’s Point Ruston waterfront community.

Living by the Water Brings Health and Happiness

Situated along the shores of the Puget Sound, Point Ruston is more than a picturesque Tacoma neighborhood of condos, apartments, and single-family homes; it’s a community of living, dining, shopping, and recreation. It’s rich in “green-space” and “blue-space,” which studies show are more influential in individuals’ overall well-being above other factors including income, employment, and marital status.

In fact, while research supports that living near “green-spaces” (parks, lawns, gardens, etc.) have some health benefits, “blue space” or locales characterized by large bodies of water, strongly influence ways to improve individual quality of life, such as:

  • Giving your mind rest and the flexibility to think about things in a different way
  • Inspiring a more mindful and meditative state, which can reduce stress levels, anxiety, and depression, and can improve sleep and focus
  • Encouraging emotional intimacy related to compassion and connectivity
  • Inducing creativity
  • Boosting the physical and mental effects of an outdoor fitness regimen

A Community by the Water

The mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of living near water are reflected in every aspect of Tacoma’s culture, which makes it a great place for:

  • Retirees
  • Individuals or couples launching their careers
  • Growing and military families
  • Students, singles, and couples looking for adventure

In addition to the water, Tacoma is also resplendent with lots of indoor and outdoor places to play, delicious dining options, an active arts community, and fun events (like First Night Tacoma on New Year’s Eve, Oktoberfest, or the Tacoma Film Festival) that bring locals together.

Getting Connected through Outdoor Recreation

In Tacoma, the 700-plus acre Point Defiance Park is one of the primary outdoor recreational spaces. There are plenty of hiking and biking paths in the park, which connects directly to the expansive pedestrian-only Waterwalk at Point Ruston. In addition to riding, walking, and jogging space against the backdrop of Commencement Bay, the Waterwalk also features parks, playgrounds, as well as opportunities for kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, yoga, group fitness, and more. Given the proximity to Tacoma’s “blue space” the benefits of whatever outdoor fitness regimen you prefer are sure to be enhanced.


Things to do in Downtown Tacoma

The Waterwalk and the Ruston Way Waterfront is a great way to access Tacoma’s exciting downtown area.

The city’s vibrant arts scene is apparent in Downtown Tacoma’s Opera Alley and the Theater District. The city’s best and most popular clubs are also located downtown as is the best local musical talent.

Tacoma is also home to a thriving craft beer culture, which means there are plenty of fun happy hours throughout the city and thus lots of opportunities to unwind and watch the world go by with family and friends.

Waterfront Dining

Along the popular Ruston Way, just outside of the downtown, are multiple waterfront dining opportunities that vary in style from casual to upscale. Favored Ruston Way restaurants that are popular among Tacoma locals include:

  • Two Town Pub and Café, an American family-friendly eatery that offers indoor and outdoor seating and has a coffee house on-site. The coffee house serves Dillanos coffee and baked goods from Corina Bakery.
  • Wildfin American Grill is the newest restaurant to join Point Ruston’s Grand Plaza. Wildfin prides itself in offering affordable, family-friendly service that is sure to deliver the fresh food and flavor you would expect from fine-dining restaurants.
  • Speaking of coffee, Dolce Sí Bakery, Café, and Shop located on Main Street at Point Ruston’s Grand Plaza, serves Italian coffee, gelato, pastries, tarts, and savory breads and recently earned a spot on The News Tribune’s best Tacoma-area restaurant openings of 2015.
  • If you’re looking for something more filling, the seafood at C.I.Shenanigans, Duke’s Chowder House, and Harbor Lights can’t be beat. From award-winning chowder to healthy servings of fresh, local aquatic fare, the expertly-prepared fresh cuisine served against the backdrop of the Puget Sound and Mount Rainer leaves local satisfied every time (and keeps them coming back for more).
  • After work or on weekends, unwind at Katie Downs is a 21-and-up pub that serves award-winning gourmet pizza and burgers as well as happy-hour pints.
  • Another Washington mainstay known for great happy hours and brews is The Ram Restaurant and Brewery. If you like watching the game with fellow fans and neighbors, The Ram is the place to be.

In addition to these restaurants, new dining establishments including Mio Sushi, and Jewel Box Café, will be making appearances along the Point Ruston community’s Grand Plaza in 2016.

Enjoying Life by the Water

Tacoma’s Point Ruston truly is an exemplary model of walkable waterfront living as shopping, entertainment, and wellness facilities are all within walking distance of the residences as well as Puget Sound’s Commencement Bay. Enjoy ice-skating during the winter months and waterfront concerts during the summer. Year-round, expect to have a cinematic experience like no other at the 9-theater Century Point Ruston and XD Theatre where luxury leather recliners, and large cup holders give a night at home with Netflix a run for its money.

Thus, in addition to the proven physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of living by the water, Tacoma is a stimulating yet laid-back city where families can eat, drink, play and celebrate the joy of living as a happy community near the water.

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