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8 Ways to Downsize Your Life

8 Ways to Downsize Your Life

Downsizing your life can be a challenging and rewarding process for retirees or families on the move. Getting rid of clutter and freeing yourself of possessions will help you enjoy a simpler, more carefree lifestyle that wouldn’t be possible without downsizing to live in a Tacoma luxury apartment. The following tips can help make the downsizing process easier and less stressful:

1. Start with a Downsizing Plan

Creating a list helps to provide a clear picture of the task at hand. Moving from a 3,000 square foot home to one that is 1,500 square feet most likely means that not all possessions will be making the move.

  • Set time aside to work on the list and set a deadline for completion.
  • Inventory all furniture and accessories in each room.
  • Note any obvious items on the list that are not suitable for the new condo or apartment such as over-sized furniture or unneeded appliances.

2. Make Decisions on Downsizing your Life

The list is now the basic worksheet that you’ll use to plan the downsizing strategy. Now it’s decision time:

  • In smaller living spaces, every piece of furniture needs to serve a useful purpose. Decide which pieces are truly necessary and can be multifunctional in the new home. A table that can double as a desk is more useful than an oversized dining room set that is rarely being used.
  • Many people have amassed large collections of personal possessions over the years. Now is the time to sell unused items rather than moving it to a new place so it takes up precious space. Keep your favorite pieces and sell the remainder. Use the proceeds to buy updated or more functional items for the new condo.

3. Take Measurements of your Luxury Condo

Make sure to get a copy of the new condo’s floor plan to determine if the current sofa or china closet is the right scale for your new residence.

  • Measure each piece of furniture and place it, to scale, on the floor plan. This step will determine if the old furniture will fit into the new home or needs to be sold.

4. Give Old Items to Loved-Ones

Letting go of possessions that carry emotional attachments can be the hardest part of downsizing. Give children or grandchildren the keepsakes they might need. Other options include:

  • Select items like school papers, certificates, etc., that can be photographed or digitally scanned and archive them on the computer.
  • Memorabilia like trophies, craft projects and toys take up a lot of space. Choose two or three items to keep, photograph the remainder and then donate the rest.

5. Make Extra Money by Selling Old Items

Downsizing can bring a little cash. Selling or consigning unused items will not only free up space but can also be lucrative. Sites like eBay or craigslist make it easy to sell the items that have outlived their usefulness. You can also unload unwanted goods at yard sales. Consider selling the following:

  • Clothing that is no longer needed or no longer fits
  • Unused sporting goods and exercise equipment
  • Unused kitchen gadgets such as stand mixers, blenders, etc.
  • Gardening equipment
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Bulky holiday decorations
  • Excess luggage

6. Go Digital

Instead of paying to move boxes of paperwork, invest in an OCR scanner and transfer the paperwork to a digital format. Archiving important papers to a computer hard drive or to the Cloud will save storage space and make tracking important paperwork easier.

  • Invest in an e-reader and sell all but a few important reference books. Books take up a lot of space and are expensive to move. Almost all public libraries now offer eBooks that can be downloaded at no cost and simply disappear from the device when they are due.
  • There are countless ways to access or purchase music digitally these days and selling off bulky CDs and DVDs will free up space. Check out iTunes or Spotify for extensive digital music libraries.

7. Donate Old Items to Help Downsize

After reviewing, categorizing and selling, donate whatever is left and take a tax deduction. There are organizations that will gladly take unwanted clothing and household items, and many will pick up donations for free. Be sure that items donated are serviceable. This is an excellent way to give back to the community by donating items to families in need, while assisting in downsizing your life.

8. Pay Attention to the Small Things

Having a strategy that works means less stress and less anxiety about downsizing. Here are a few organizational tips that make moving easier:

  • Marking packing boxes and color-coding each box when packing saves countless hours when unpacking.
  • Plan ahead and set up cable and utility services early.
  • Take a break from the process and feel good about the progress being made. This is a big job but the results are worth it!

The emotional freedom and relief that comes from downsizing can be life-changing, and there will be lots of stuff to do in Tacoma once everything is settled. Moving to a luxury apartment in Tacoma means not only a new home, but also a new life in a resort-like setting. Take charge and clear the way for a new and brighter future – it’s definitely worth it.

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