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Best Places to Volunteer in Tacoma

Volunteering to improve the community allows us to participate in creating a neighborhood in which we all want to live. In a growing and dynamic city like Tacoma, there are many organizations and opportunities available to help create a better place for everyone to live.

If you are looking for more things to do in Tacoma apart from its restaurants, activities around the waterfront, and cultural gatherings, the city offers bountiful opportunities to volunteer for many organizations that help enhance our lives.

volunteer in Tacoma

Volunteer to Improve the Great Outdoors

Tacoma’s many parks and recreational areas rely on volunteers to maintain the park’s beauty and to help the city’s residents and visitors stay active. This is a great opportunity to enjoy nature while maintaining or beautifying a park that you enjoy visiting. And the best part is, you can enjoy the rewarding memory for a lifetime.

Baltimore Park

A short distance from the waterfront and luxury apartments in Tacoma, Baltimore Park is a neighborhood favorite with a playing field perfect for baseball, playground equipment and walking trails. It’s a popular destination for young families, picnics, youth-sporting events and afternoon walks.

Do your part and help maintain this family-friendly getaway. You can volunteer at Baltimore Park or by offering to spend time with a senior in the park or community center, help clean the area, donate sporting equipment, or even work with a student who needs to complete course credits at any of the Municipal Parks.

Contact Metro Parks to find out how to volunteer at all Tacoma Parks.

Point Defiance

The largest public park in the Pacific Northwest at over 700-acres, Point Defiance offers many more opportunities for outdoor volunteer activities or to work at the popular Zoo & Aquarium.

Point Defiance looks for volunteers who are interested in providing an exciting educational experience to visitors. If you have a passion for animals, conservation or the environment, you may be lucky enough to be selected to work on the park grounds, in the zoo or aquariums.

Here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities:

  • Tell guests about animals, sea life and our ocean’s environment
  • Volunteer during the park’s special events
  • Greet guests or answer questions near the main entrance
  • Assist keepers with animal care

For more information about Point Defiance Park’s application process, visit the Point Defiance website.

Volunteer to Help the Less Fortunate

In every urban setting there are individuals who are faced with challenges. If your compassion drives you to help struggling people gain a leg up by finding a temporary place of solace, warm meal or vocational and life skills training, check out these volunteer opportunities:

Tacoma Rescue Mission

Serving the community since 1912, the Tacoma Rescue Mission provides emergency services that include shelter and food to the city’s homeless. In addition to a men’s shelter, there is a transitional housing facility for families, and a separate place for women and children.

The Mission provides self-sufficiency programs to guide people out of poverty and help others recover from addiction. They also provide Christian services in order to share their faith. The Rescue Mission suggests several ways to volunteer in Tacoma:

  • Gather your neighbors or coworkers to help with meal service
  • Help a child learn something new
  • Provide tutoring to children or an adult learner

To find out more about volunteering at the Tacoma Rescue Mission, go to their website.

YWCA of Pierce County

Domestic violence is a vicious circle that the YWCA is committed to breaking by providing survivors with safe shelter and services that help them escape violence. The YWCA helps everyone who has been impacted by domestic violence, regardless of gender, gender identity, race or religious affiliation.

Among the volunteer activities that the YWCA needs is:

  • Volunteer groups to clean and organize living spaces
  • Organize a drive to collect cell phones that are no longer being used so domestic violence survivors can use them as 911 phones
  • Organize fundraising events to collect monetary donations, or donations of clothing, furniture and technology

Check out the YWCA of Pierce County’s website for more information.

Volunteer to Preserve and Promote the Arts

If you enjoy being in and around the art scene, there’s a way you can contribute to the art culture by volunteering in Tacoma, which has a thriving museum district filled with public works of arts.

Tacoma Art Museum

Celebrating 80 years of serving the communities of the Pacific Northwest, the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) is located at 1701 Pacific Avenue and houses about 4,500 individual works of art.

Volunteers are needed to help the museum to continue to serve the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Special Events: Experience all of the special events as a volunteer from lectures, festivals, season-opening celebrations and fashion shows. TAM suggests these volunteers should be comfortable with crowds and a dynamic environment.
  • Studio Attendant: Guide visitors through hands-on activities in studios. These volunteers should be passionate about the artistic process, are patient and approachable.
  • Docent or Tour Guide: Both of these guides will have special educational sessions with museum educators to help them lead tours and make presentations.
  • Gates Library Volunteer: Get exclusive “inside-access” to the Bill and Melinda Gates library and be resources for visitors and staff. Outstanding organizational skills are necessary.

If you’d like to volunteer at the Tacoma Art Museum, access their website to find out more.

Improve Tacoma Through Volunteering

Among the best places to live are luxury apartments in Tacoma that are along the Commencement Bay waterfront. Even with all of the fun, exciting things to do in Tacoma along Ruston Way, the quality of the city and our neighbors impact our lives.
Volunteering provides an opportunity to enhance the city that we live in and make it more enjoyable for everyone. So next time you look for things to do in Tacoma, look for opportunities to help others, improve the environment or make life more enjoyable for us all.

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