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Point Ruston Public Transit Coming Summer 2017

Point Ruston Public Transit | 2017

For Point Ruston public transit is a missing component that has yet to be implemented along Ruston Way, but this summer things will change. For the first time in over 25 years public transit will make an appearance along the Ruston Waterway. Pierce Transit together with funding from other local government organizations and a number of private agencies (Including Point Ruston) will combine efforts to connect the waterfront to Downtown Tacoma. The bus will be designed to look like a trolley and will make a number of stops including at The Tacoma Art Museum, Les Davis Pier at Marine Park, Point Ruston and the Point Defiance Park Visitor Center. The buses will include Orca card readers, wheelchair access, bike racks and be fueled by compressed natural gas. If this summers buses see enough riders they will likely make a return. For now the project is a test to discover whether or not public transit will see enough usage to warrant it’s continuation. Many people are hopeful that public transit will become a permanent and growing infrastructure here on the waterfront.





Read more about this ground breaking news for our waterfront community at The News Tribune:

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