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Tacoma Restaurant Scene Booms


Tacoma Restaurants at Point Ruston Take Off and Surpass Seattle Restaurants

Some of our favorite restaurants here at Point Ruston are receiving attention and praise from news outlets regularly. The success of restaurants at Point Ruston is always very exciting for us. Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey and WildFin are featured in the article which highlights the changing demographics and populations of Seattle and Tacoma as it relates to the restaurant business. Tacoma is transforming into a much different kind of place then it was ten or twenty years ago. Point Ruston has been a pioneer in this transformation by reforming an old, unused and contaminated industrial site into a mixed-use space which has brought Tacoma an entirely new spirit. Point Ruston has brought more and more people out to enjoy the waterfront. We hope you visit us soon and enjoy some of newest and best restaurants the Northwest region has to offer.


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