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Share your Summer Snaps and Enter to Win!

We love seeing the photos you all share to our Facebook page so much, we decided to host a little contest!

Share your best or favorite photo taken at Point Ruston this summer and the top three photos with the most likes win a little prize!

It doesn’t have to be shot with a fancy camera or with the perfect lighting – we want to see what you enjoy the most about our little neighborhood.

How it works:

  1. Post your photo in our contest post on Facebook or share them to our Facebook page, just make sure to @pointruston so we can see your photos.*

    1. You can post in the comment section below or tag us on Instagram, but only Facebook posts will count towards the contest.
  2. The three photos with the most likes will win a small gift from Point Ruston!**


*By entering in this contest you agree to us posting or reposting your photos on our blog, Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites – the photographer will always be credited, of course.
**If need be, we will hold an internal poll in our office to help decide the winners.
***Contest will run as long as needed



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