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Dancing Fool Has Seen It All. Featured Artist and Artwork.

‘Dancing Fool’ Has Seen it All

When Micajah Bienvenu’s ‘Dancing Fool’ was first installed at Point Ruston it’s vista was much different then today.  Being one of the first sculpture works installed at Point Ruston two years ago, it looked at a partially finished Century Building complex and it’s neighbor the Copperline complex.  Today…daily, more and more is added to this vibrant community here on the shore of Commencement Bay.

Bienvenu, like all artists who’s works are installed at Point Ruston is from the Pacific Northwest. He lives and sculpts in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, but his contemporary abstract metal sculptures in Stainless Steel, Bronze and Cor-Ten Steel are celebrated and collected from coast to coast and in between, with installations and exhibitions throughout the United States. He is currently working working on his 3rd Washington State Arts Commission for South Seattle College and you can see the rendering of what is being made here:

ART at Point Ruston is a nonprofit charitable organization invested in bringing art in a “big way” to Point Ruston.  We now have have over 20 sculpture and mixed media pieces on site.

ALL the artworks are for sale, and all of our artist’s have works for sale that range in price and media.  If you are interested in any further information on any of our on site works, or any of the artists, please email and we will put you in touch with our artists.

Micajah Bienvenu

Dancing Fool 1

An exuberant abstracted dancer, the figure is reduced to the most elemental forms with a calligraphy like monumental sculpture style.

Stainless Steel

18 x 9 x 5 feet

$80,000.00 Retail –  $68,000Special Feature Price


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