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Owens Meats Jerky Vending Machine

Jerky and Owens Meats On The Go – Vending machine is located in the Breezeway between Purpose Boutique & Fish Brewing.

Owens Meats opened its doors in 1887 – As they carry on the family name and business more than 100 years after it began, the current owners are aware of the tradition they represent. The Owens family is determined to carry on their family traditions, started so long ago.

Meat from a Machine?! That’s right, now you can get locally owned & operated favorites: Owen’s Meats’ famous meat snacks and treats via vending machine at Point Ruston.

Enjoy the finest, freshest & highest quality smoked meats, cheeses, jerky and more in the breezeway next to Purpose Boutique. It’s perfectly located, so when you taste a beer (or two!) at Fish Brewing’s tasting room you can grab a tasty snack too – just saying.

We at Point Ruston are excited for this new venture and hope to expand Owen’s Meat’s presence into our upcoming Public Market at Point Ruston offerings.

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