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Winter Activities Around Point Ruston

What do you do when it gets cold and rainy around the winter season in the Northwest?

Probably bundle up stay indoors and spend time with family. That’s what most of us do, but what are we missing out on by staying couped up in our warm insulated homes? Plenty! There is so many things to do right now and there is plenty to enjoy at the waterfront in the wintertime. So put on some walking shoes and warm clothes (maybe even a rainjacket and/or umbrella) because there is bound to be something to peak your interest at Point Ruston.



What is there to do?

There are a ton of ways to enjoy the waterfront despite the cold weather, for example: Make a date for two and spend time with your significant other, stopping by at Blue Octopus for a glass of wine or champagne, afterwards watch the sun set on the edge of commencement bay on the Grand Plaza. Another more laid back option would be to simply enjoy a nice dinner at one of the top quality restaurants on the waterfront and enjoy being inside in comfort and warmth. Afterwards you could catch a new movie at the Century Theatres at Point Ruston, and if you are really feeling like treating yourself you have to stop by Dolce Si Sicillian Bakery for a delectable homemade pastry with a warm beverage.

Walking the waterwalk is always a relaxing and peaceful experience but be sure to dress warm because it can get quite chilly. Stop by a scenic bench next to the Point Ruston ferry or with commencement bay as your background and take a quick picture, it’s truly the perfect setting for great images that your friends and family will love. If your more of an active person you could forgo the treadmill for a day and run along the waterfront.

Maybe try shopping! Check out Purpose Boutique and find out why so many consider this shop to be so unique and fashion forward. Also check in at Blue Octopus which has a number of clothing and furniture accessories on display upstairs. Our official Point Ruston merchandise is located upstairs in The Blue Octopus where you can get high quality coats, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and fun kids clothing with Point Ruston imagery.

Getting out and about during cold weather can sometimes be hard but it is always a worthwhile experience. Especially when you spend your time at Point Ruston. We hope you make the best of your Winter! Here’s to 2018 a wonderful year in the making.


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