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Evening Magazine Showcase on the Point Ruston Ferry

If you think parallel parking is hard, try fitting a 150-foot ferry into a marina built for pleasure crafts.

“It’s a real tight fit,” said Captain Tom Porter of the Point Ruston ferry. “In fact, we were here one other time. I think it made the people so nervous, they told us don’t bring this one back.”

The Point Ruston Ferry has been through a lot of troubles and transformations in it’s lifetime, including surviving an infamous aerial assault in WW2. From it’s creation in Maine through to it’s present home at Point Ruston, this boat has seen it all and been in use for multiple functions throughout the past century and the current one.


Click the image below to watch the video and learn more about the Point Ruston Ferry:

and watch the full episode here.


The Point Ruston Historical Ferry is available for events, email for more information


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