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“Finding a Perfect Day Along Ruston Way” By Douglas Scott


“Few places capture the heart and soul of a region like Ruston Way does for the greater Tacoma area. Showcasing incredible views of the Puget Sound, offering fantastic dining and recreation, as well as a showcasing truly stunning glimpses of Mount Rainier, the spirit of the Pacific Northwest comes alive along the Tacoma Waterfront.”

A wonderful opening to an excellent article written by Sound Talk’s Douglas Scott which captivates the energy and history found along Ruston Way.

“One of the newest additions is Point Ruston, which is an entire community and destination in itself”

Douglas Scott includes Point Ruston and some of the many excellent businesses we host at our resort inspired waterfront community in this article. We are always happy to contribute to the evolution and continued expansion of public space and excellent living in such a historical and scenic area of Washington State.

“If you haven’t yet visited Point Ruston, you’re missing out. This is the newest and quite possibly the greatest addition to the Ruston Way waterfront. This development is an all-in-one destination with great food, entertainment, drinks and recreation for all. The development is still building, so every month or two, a new business opens here, giving even more reasons to come back. The movie theater at Point Ruston is incredible, showing the latest and best movies in a spacious theater, while those looking for outdoor activities can rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals, or play in the fountain overlooking the Puget Sound.”

Checkout the full article for some insight into the history along Ruston Way as well as some of the staple businesses and restaurants that define the destination:

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