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Is a Tacoma to Seattle Passenger Ferry in our Future?

Is a Tacoma to Seattle Passenger Ferry in our Future?

What would a passenger ferry running between Seattle and Tacoma mean for Point Ruston?

It would allow the residents of Point Ruston and Tacoma in general the ability to enjoy a day of fun in Seattle while easily getting there and back without worrying about carpooling or using the slow busing system. A fast passenger ferry could offer a huge boost to the connectivity of Seattle and Tacoma and allow for a nice way to avoid the hassle of i5 traffic. Point Ruston would be much more accessible to people in Seattle who want to enjoy the more laid back and relaxing atmosphere of the South Sound. The welcoming aspects of this region are presented positively at Point Ruston with it’s combination of local events like the Summer Concert Series, unique retail shops, top quality local restaurants and the beautiful natural scenery of commencement bay and the waterwalk. For residents of Point Ruston, Tacoma and the surrounding area this could be quite revolutionary to your weekend getaway possibilities. Imagine enjoying a comfortable ride to Seattle with beautiful views of the sound, then watching a Seahawks game while enjoying some adult beverages without being concerned about who is driving home or paying for a hotel room because you could catch a ferry right back to Tacoma.

The Tacoma City Counsel mentioned the idea back in December:
“I am pleased that we took the time to look at the data and that initial indications are that passenger-only ferry service between Tacoma and Seattle is feasible,” said At-Large City Council Member Ryan Mello. This idea has been mentioned a number of times in recent years with healthy public support behind the ferry which would offer a commuting and travelling option that doesn’t involve sitting in traffic. It may be a ways off from becoming a reality, but it certainly has us excited about the possibilities of opening up a more casual and enjoyable method of transit.

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