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The Public Market at Point Ruston

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5101 Yacht Club Rd, Ruston, WA 98407

The Public Market at Point Ruston

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CHI Franciscan Serves Up Healthy Food and Wellness Tips as the First Community Partner of the Public Market at Point Ruston

The Public Market at Point Ruston is designed from the ground-up as a healthy, active space for families and communities in a uniquely Northwest atmosphere

(TACOMA, Washington) – May 23, 2019 – CHI Franciscan and Point Ruston are proud to announce that CHI Franciscan’s Northwest Healthy campaign, an ongoing commitment to nurture the community’s well-being, will be the lead sponsor of The Public Market at Point Ruston. The partnership between CHI Franciscan and Point Ruston will support the vibrant new public market and provide ongoing wellness education and interactive opportunities to live Northwest Healthy lives.

“We are committed to our mission of creating healthier communities by supporting programs and resources that encourage a healthy lifestyle.” said Ketul J. Patel, CEO of CHI Franciscan. “Our partnership with Point Ruston, including our two Northwest Healthy Kitchens, will provide our neighbors and families with an environment that promotes incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives.”

The Northwest Healthy Demonstration Kitchen will provide an open, inviting space for local market vendors to showcase their products, work with local chefs, interact with people, and allow shoppers to watch, ask questions, and get recipes. The Northwest Healthy Event Kitchen will offer a full kitchen, open seating area, and the ability to transform the space for community and private meetings and events.

“Fresh food is an essential ingredient to a Northwest Healthy lifestyle and the kitchens will help the community explore the important relationship between food and nutrition,” says Holly Martindale, registered dietitian at St. Joseph Medical Center. “Making healthy choices when shopping and learning how to prepare delicious, well-balanced meals, will keep individuals and their families healthy for generations to come.”

Built across 97 acres, Point Ruston is a waterfront resort-inspired village that encourages people to walk, bike, and be active. A June through September farmer’s market, summer concert series, and more, provide family fun and interactive spaces to enjoy the waterfront, meet neighbors, sample healthy food, and listen to music from local artists. Building vibrant community spaces are the central component of Point Ruston – and a key element to creating Northwest Healthy communities.

“Our vision from the beginning was to convert and repurpose this beautiful waterfront property, reclaiming it from its industrial past and creating a place where kids, families, visitors and the community alike can play, eat, and relax as part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Point Ruston’s Managing Director Loren Cohen. “Point Ruston is excited and appreciative of CHI Franciscan’s support to bring this vision to reality.”

More information on how to request to use the Northwest Healthy Demonstration Kitchen or the Northwest Healthy Event Kitchen will be announced in early Fall 2019.

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