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How to get to Point Ruston without your car!

Ride your bike

The Ruston Way path is paved and travels from Old Town to Point Ruston. Find your best bike route on the Pierce County Bike Map. [link to:] We’ve got bike parking covered!

Bus + Bike

Every Pierce Transit bus is equipped with bike racks. Put your bike on the bus for a faster last leg of your trip.


If you live within a mile or two, enjoy the walk!


Map your trip and find schedules at Pierce Transit’s website. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Take Pierce Transit Route 11 (every 30 minutes) from downtown or the north end, which drops off in the heart of Ruston. A 15 minute walk east puts you at the waterfront.
  2. From Hilltop take the Route 2 into downtown and transfer to Route 11 by crossing the street at 9th St S & Broadway. If coming from further south, take the Route 1 and transfer to the Route 11 (at 9th St S & St Helens Ave).
  3. Take the Route 1 north and east all the way to 6th Ave & Pearl St N, transfer to Route 10 (every 30 minutes) and ride it to N 51st St in Ruston.


Save a trip and save on gas and parking by sharing the ride with a friend!

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