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Fun for Kids on the Point Ruston Waterwalk

Fun for Kids on the Point Ruston Waterwalk
Kids of all ages are loving the new ferry boat-themed playground, located at the centerpiece of the Point Ruston Waterwalk, the Grand Plaza. It’s a great place to climb, swing, pretend, and play for children and their friends.

Parents and grandparents will appreciate that, with little effort, a day out on the waterfront can easily include a trip to Pt. Defiance Park and the Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The Point Ruston Ferry playground is just one of several new public amenities built on Tacoma’s Puget Sound shoreline. Public amenities are helping to transform this stretch of waterfront into a popular and convenient recreation area for families of all ages.

From Industry to a Family Destination

The ferry-themed playground was designed with a nod to the area’s maritime and industrial history. Today, the Point Ruston neighborhood includes reminders of its industrial past sprinkled along the pedestrian paths, play areas, and (soon) shopping and dining places.

A Gathering Point for All

The Waterwalk’s play area adds another new community gathering point for people from all walks of life. Families with kids can meet, play together and get to know one another in a relaxed and aesthetically pleasing setting.

This characteristic is one that can be found in the world’s most endearing communities. When you have a central gathering spot, in this case the Point Ruston playground, parents and kids can get together, marvel at the water views and enjoy the cheerful playtime. After the kids are done swinging and pretending to be Captain for a morning, they can stroll down the Waterwalk to check out tiled sea creatures and a 30-foot wide octopus mosaic along the way. Intriguing and whimsical, these art pieces are a reminder of how sea life is vital to the regional aquaculture and economy.

The Point Ruston Waterwalk is an integral part of the Point Ruston neighborhood. Retail shops will soon line the way and the Grand Plaza, the core of Point Ruston’s retail area. Apartments, condominiums, and a regional wellness center/fitness facility are already enjoyed by residents and future plans include a hotel, many more shops, and a grocery and produce market.