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Wheels on the Waterwalk

For nearly 100 years, the Ruston Way waterfront was an  industrial compound. Today it’s a bustling, activity-filled destination where people bike, skateboard and wheel their way on a 7-mile path, sharing it with pedestrians, joggers and restaurant goers. The trail spans from Pt. Defiance Park all the way to downtown Tacoma.

It’s a welcome change that has been fostered with a new spirit about waterfront development, led by forward looking projects like Point Ruston, between Point Defiance Park and the downtown Ruston Way.

wheels on the waterwalk

About the Waterwalk

Beginning at the former site of the ASARCO smelter, the nearly mile-long waterfront path connects pedestrians to popular stops such as Jack Hyde Park, Marine Park, and the Les Davis Pier. Point Ruston included the Waterwalk in its overall plan to connect Pt. Defiance Park with the Ruston Way waterfront.

The Waterwalk is ideal for various wheeled activities, including:


The asphalt path features a durable blue-and-green coating at the future view corridor intersections that provides bikers the feeling of riding over the waves. Mosaics of a giant octopus, squid, fish and other sea creatures greet bicyclists along the way.

The overall level terrain of the Waterwalk and the Ruston Way waterfront allows bikers to enjoy leisurely rides  while taking in views of the Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and the shores of Commencement Bay.


Skateboarders as well as longboarders are welcome on the Waterwalk. The flat, scenic path is great for cruising and practicing their skills without interruptions by traffic. The smooth pavement has already attracted skaters of all ages.


The 20-foot wide path provides ample room for skaters, rollerbladers, walkers and runners to share the right of way. Naturally, on warm summer days, you can expect the path to be busier. Stop for a snack at several points along the way, including the Two Town – Pub & Café.

Wheel Fun Rentals

Take the Whole Family out in a Double Surry

If you don’t have your own wheels to enjoy the Waterwalk with, Wheel Fun Rentals has you covered! Wheel Fun Rentals offers bike, surrey, and specialty cycle rentals. Rent Some Fun for the entire family at Point Ruston in Tacoma, WA!

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Some of the annual events that take place along the Waterwalk include:

  • Downtown to Defiance: The Downtown to Defiance event by Metro Parks Tacoma is becoming a very popular annual event. Participants can bike, roll, run or walk the entire 7-mile trail, enjoying food trucks and live entertainment along the way.
  • Kidical Mass Tacoma: The monthly group bike ride for kids and families often includes Ruston Way along its route. These free rides are held in communities around the United States, with volunteers helping participants to cross roads and keep young riders safe.
  • Food Truck Fest: Food trucks have grown on the U.S. landscape in recent years, and this recent event caters to those who enjoy local music and delicacies from local food vendors.

Numerous events provide opportunities for wheeling on the Waterwalk. Riders can pick any fair weather day to be out, or join one of the many biking groups and clubs in the area. The Tacoma Waterfront  is the focal point for many of them. If you’re looking to take in a nice day, by biking, skating, or rollerblading, then the Waterwalk at Point Ruston is the place to be.