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Indigo MultiCare Urgent Care Center Grand Opening

Indigo MultiCare Urgent Care Center will be opening officially on March 29, 2018


Urgent Care focuses on the idea of quick and easy access to professional medical attention, something which the new Indigo Multicare Urgent Care location at Point Ruston will be bringing to an area that will greatly benefit from this service. This new urgent care facility will serve the waterfront community in an irreplaceable way by helping to keep our neighborhood residents and visitors healthy. Whether the medical issue you need tended to is subtle or more extreme the Indigo MultiCare Urgent Care Center will be there for you to lighten the burden and get you back on your feet again worry free. Urgent Care on the waterfront will be a well needed improvement to the local medical infrastructure and will make it easier for residents and visitors at Point Ruston to get quick medical care for small injuries and other health concerns.


From the Indigo MultiCare website: “Here at Indigo Urgent Care, we’re delivering walk-in care a bit differently. At our urgent care clinics, everything we do revolves around you. From the time we greet you at the door to when we send you on way, our focus is on getting you taken care of so you can get back to your life, fast. And, because each Indigo Urgent Care is part of the MultiCare family, we can better connect you to all the care you need. So come visit us the next time you want health care that respects your time and caters to you.”


Get quick care for:


~Cold or Flu




~Minor burns or bruises

~Minor fractures or sprains

~Occupational injury

~Rash and poison ivy

~Skin complaints

~Sore throat

~School and sports physical


~Urinary tract infection



The Point Ruston Indigo Urgent Care will be open 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week (after March 29th, 2018)*
*Including Holidays

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