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Rebels & Lovers Grand Opening

Rebels & Lovers will have a much anticipated Grand Opening happening today! We are so excited that this hip and modern women’s clothing store is now open, just in time for Memorial Day!

From the Rebels & Lovers website:

“At Rebels n’ Lovers we want to help you create a life where you shine. We provide a place that you may stand out from all others while you navigate this world. We encourage you to make fashion your own. Whether you are a Rebel or a Lover, we offer you the opportunity to introduce a breath of fresh air to your palate of wardrobe. Come shop with us, be a Rebel and a Lover.

Built by Rebels and Lovers

For Rebels and Lovers.”

Come down to the waterfront so you can checkout this new and revolutionary clothing shop at Point Ruston and findout what all the excitement is about!


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