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Get ready, Tacoma! Your new candy store is on the way.

Billed as the “candy store for the carnivore,” Owens Meats is one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in Washington State. Founded in 1887 in Roslyn by Morgan Owens, the business is currently run by fourth-generation owners, and brothers, Don and Doug Owens. Don’s two daughters also work at the family business and are in line to assume ownership when the time is right.

Owens Meats currently has a popular retail store in Cle Elum that offers a wide variety of fresh, smoked, cured, and marinated meats as well as barbeque sauce, pickles, and a variety of other specialty products. And its popularity extends far beyond Cle Elum. It’s common for people to come from Seattle and Tacoma to stock up on their delicious products.

“We at Owens Meats are very proud and excited to be one of the premier businesses at the Public Market at Point Ruston and we look forward to serving the wonderful people in the Tacoma area. Come in and experience for yourself our great meats and service.”

Two constants have sustained the company for the past 133 years: a commitment to the highest-quality products and a consistently creative approach to business growth.

Morgan Owens originally came to Washington to find his fortune in coal. Yet he soon realized there was more potential in selling meat and other food to the miners rushing to the Roslyn area, so he opened a store instead. From that beginning, the company went on to weather the collapse of the coal industry, the Great Depression, lesser recessions, and various other local and regional downturns and business changes to emerge stronger than ever.

Today, the company’s innovative spirit is seen in the vending machines they operate at more than 20 locations across Washington offering smoked meats, jerky, and cheeses. You may have seen one of the machines near the Grand Plaza at Point Ruston. And soon, you’ll be seeing much more of Owens Meats in the area.

Grand Opening, Summer 2020

Point Ruston is proud that Owens Meat’s has chosen the Public Market at Point Ruston for their second retail location. Construction is currently underway on the 2,100square-foot space, and true to company character, the store design reflects their keen attention to detail. For instance, the impressive beams used for the new storefront came from trees cut and milled on property owned by the company.

When completed, the 30,000 square foot indoor Public Market at Point Ruston will feature year-round shopping, dining and event space. We are currently seeking restaurants as well as shops featuring baked goods, cheese, wine, seafood, chocolate, processed goods like jams, jellies and sauces, artists and art co-ops, toys, honey, tea and more.

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