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New Business Opening Soon!

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar at the Point Ruston Public Market

The Public Market is eagerly awaiting the Grand Opening of the one of the most well-regarded specialty coffee companies Dancing Goats Coffee! We will be announcing the Grand Opening in the coming weeks as they put the final touches on the newest location at the Point Ruston Public Market. The Public Market is a collection of the best in class vendors with an array of arts crafts, specialty foods, home décor, unique gifts and wellness items, dancing Goats Coffee is a welcomed addition to this diverse community of merchants!


In 1988, before the Pacific Northwest became home to the coffeehouse boom, Larry and Cherie Challain opened the first Dancing Goats® Coffee Bar in Olympia, Washington. A passion for serving great coffee grew into a passion for roasting the world’s finest coffees when they became the owners of Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, one of the most well-regarded specialty coffee companies in America, which had been established in 1986. In order to ensure the delivery of fresh roasted coffee to customers across the country, Batdorf & Bronson opened its Atlanta roastery in 1994. Our coffees are now served in coffeehouses and fine restaurants around the country in addition to our own locations where the exquisite quality of Batdorf & Bronson’s coffees combines with knowledgeable and skilled barista in delightful settings.


In the remote highlands of 9th century Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, a lone goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats were full of energy, dancing and prancing, after eating a small red fruit from a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, he ate the cherries and soon he was dancing too. According to legend, Kaldi and his goats had discovered coffee.

DANCING GOATS THE BLEND: Known as an excellent espresso or drip coffee, Dancing Goats® is our signature blend at Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters.Bold and toasty, with hints of almond, chocolate and spice. This fabled blend is featured in espresso bars, cafes and restaurants across the country that strive to create the perfect cup and our coffeehouses are namesakes for this popular coffee.

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