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On Point Ruston with Grit City Wellness

While the first two months of 2022 have been a blur and a half, it’s never too late to tackle your new year’s resolutions. That’s why there’s 12 months, right? 

Did you promise to take better care of yourself this year? Did you commit to more “me time” or “self-care”? 

For that and a whole lot more, Grit City Wellness On Point Ruston is just the place to help you reprioritize your spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Grit City Wellness is an environment that addresses the needs of the full person with a deep understanding that what we all need depends on the day. Check out the video below or better yet, stop in to learn more.That new you that you hoped to meet in the new year? It’s waiting for you by the waterfront.

The On Point Ruston features are designed to showcase the unique people and businesses that make Point Ruston special. For More On Point Ruston Features, check out:

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