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Material: Raw & Recycled Steel

Artist: Steve Farris

Date:  December 2015

Meaning of Artwork:  This piece is one of my series of vase shaped sculptures made from bent strips of Steel.  The series was inspired by the shapes and contours found in glass and ceramic artworks both modern and archaic.  I named the piece REGINA because the finished shape suggested the Queen on a chess board.

Dimensions:  90” H x 30.5” W x 30.5” D

Weight:  250 lbs.

Artist Statement: 

I make garden art and sell it in shows and galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. I work mostly in recycled metal. Most of my work is unpainted or left the color of the raw material. I make shapes, forms and contrivances which are pleasing to me and never analyze why.

I am currently creating vessels like these from new and recycled metal. You may view more of these creations on my website at

Steve Farris


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