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Paid Parking at Point Ruston begins in June 2018



  • First hour is free
  • $2.00 an hour
  • All Point Ruston Merchants validate with minimum purchase


  1. Any purchase at a merchant at Point Ruston qualifies you for a customer validation (with your license plate number).
  2. Merchant Validation Times:
    1. Cinema: 5 hrs
    2. Indigo, Franciscan & Tranquility: 2 hrs
    3. Restaurants*: 2 hrs
    4. *Ice Cream Social: 1 hr
    5. All retail shopping: 1 hr
    6. Intaglio & Pink Polish: 1 hr
    7. Wheel Fun: No validation
    8. Farmers Market, Concert & other events do not offer validations
  3. Street Parking is max 2 hrs regardless of validation time. Beyond 2 hrs, park in the garage.
  4. Validations do not accumulate. Each new validation replaces any existing validation or prepay.
  5. You do not need to move your car once parked in the garage as long as you have active validation or prepaid parking applied.
  6. You can pay via mobile app (Available from Google and Itunes)
    1. Parking Zones:
      1. Street: #9841
      2. Parking Garage: #9840
  7. Please call Republic Parking with any questions: 253.627.4401
  8. Everyone receives up to one hour grace period, per car, per day
  9. You must share your license plate number.
  10. Customers are always free at Point Ruston! 


Please visit the parking page for all of the details. You will need your license plate number to pay for parking or to validate wit ha merchant.

If you have any questions or concerns call REPUBLIC PARKING: 253.627.4401

Download The Mobile Pay App for easy management for prepaid parking from your smart phone (Available from Google and Itunes)


There are over 1,000 parking spaces around Point Ruston, including street parking and a public parking garage.

The Main Parking Garage is located  off of Main Street. There are multiple entrances, including off of The Grand Loop and Yacht Club Road. The garage features 3 levels of parking, over 600 stalls, and is open to the public.


Please Note:

  • The Grand Loop is now one way traffic only.
  • As always there is no parking along the Grand Loop near the Grand Plaza. Please use designated stalls only.
  • Some stalls are for loading/unloading only and the time limit is 15 min.
  • Some stalls are for TOGO ordering only


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