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Pig Roast and Talent Show at Point Ruston

Pig Roast and Talent Show at Point Ruston

The first annual Pig Roast and Talent Show at Point Ruston is set to be a rebirth and evolution of a family tradition of Molly Alvarado, who is the local event planner behind La Paloma Marketplace. Tacoma has quickly grown over the years to be a hub of culinary diversity. To celebrate this, a small group of chefs specializing in different styles of cuisine have come together to create an inspiring community event.  Antje Kablitz and Jess Christensen of Local Bun, Joel Milasich a chef at The Red Hot, Telly Christanis of Hellenic Kitchen, and Jan Parker of Jan Parker Cookery all came together with Molly Alvarado to bring this event to Tacoma. Fillipino, Greek, All-American, and European styles of cooking will come together during the Pig Roast and Talent Show to create a selection of flavors to suit anyone’s taste.

Alvarado’s family Pig Roast tradition was started by Molly’s Grandparents in Cody, Wyoming and brought people together in a place that they felt comfortable to be themselves. Singalongs, dances, and live music were something that gave life to the annual gathering that Alvarado gained so much inspiration from. This new event will take some queues from the previous generation and expand on the themes to suit the setting of Tacoma.

The menu will feature whole roasted pork, seasonal salad greens with walnut vinaigrette, roasted fingerling potatoes, whole roasted acorn squash soup, Parker House rolls with smoked salt butter, apple streusel, locally sourced wines and coffee (so there’s plenty for vegetarians, too). Since wine will be served the dinner itself will be restricted to 21+ while the entertainment area of the event will be open to all ages.

The First Annual Pig Roast and Talent Show will take place Friday, September 28, 2018 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at 5005 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98407 in the Point Ruston Pavilion (the covered area between Fish Brewing and Purpose Boutique).

All proceeds benefit the new La Paloma Marketplace Artisan Incubator Program that provides “small business grants, entrepreneur education, and other resources to emerging Tacoma artists and creative small business owners.”

Visit the event page for more details.

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  1. Nancy Jones says:

    What will the cost be of the pig roast and where exactly will it be located?