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On Point Ruston: Digital Reality Gaming

Whether it’s a walk by the water, a movie at the theatre, or drinks after work, we’re proud that Point Ruston is a chosen getaway for our community. Time spent immersed in a good meal or a little retail therapy is good for the soul too, but one of the newest members of the Point Ruston family takes immersion to a completely new level.

Specializing in the state of the art virtual reality technology that’s revolutionizing the industry, the helpful staff at DRG are ready to show you a whole new world of gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or simply curious about what it’s like to put on a VR headset, their array of equipment combined with a welcoming atmosphere make for an experience unlike anything else offered at Point Ruston.

Check out the video below or better yet, stop in to learn more. A whole new world is waiting for you at the waterfront.

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